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136 Solar Mini-Grids to be Installed for Kenya's Remote Communities

According to the nation's energy minister, Kenya is building 136 solar-powered mini-grids in remote locations that are inadequately supplied by the national electricity grid.

In recent years, off-grid solar power, promoted by start-ups, has grown in popularity in Africa for households disconnected from main energy grids.

According to the World Bank, there are now more than 3,000 installed solar mini-grids, an increase from 500 in 2010. According to the bank, 9,000 more are anticipated, including those that will be built in Kenya.

At a workshop on solar energy sponsored by the World Bank, Energy Minister Davis Chirchir stated that "the national electrical system is yet to reach several sections of the country."

The new solar mini-grids are a component of a $150 million World Bank-funded program.

The grids are powered by solar panels and provide electricity separately from the main national grids using batteries and backup generators.

Kenya runs dozens of diesel-powered generation units despite producing a substantial portion of its electricity from renewable resources like hydropower and geothermal energy in the wake of several years of drought.

According to Chirchir, the government has financing from development partners to switch the diesel-powered units to less expensive and sustainable sources.

According to the World Bank, solar energy has the potential to provide 380 million people in sub-Saharan Africa with access to power by 2030 due to the region's ample sunshine.

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