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Distributed Power Africa and Africa Data Centres ink 20-Year Solar Energy Partnership

Africa Data Centres (ADC), a pan-African data centre operator, has recently entered into a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Distributed Power Africa (DPA) to procure renewable solar energy for its facilities in South Africa. The agreement is for a duration of 20 years and will see DPA SA supply 12MW of renewable solar energy to Africa Data Centres' facilities in South Africa.

As per the agreement, the renewable energy will be supplied partly from the solar farm that DPA is developing near Bloemfontein, South Africa. This solar farm is expected to deliver the first 12MW of renewable solar energy that is required to power the ADC data centres. The agreement will help Africa Data Centres in reducing its carbon footprint while ensuring reliable and sustainable energy supply for its facilities.

The 20-year duration of the agreement ensures long-term stability of energy supply, allowing ADC to better plan and invest in its operations. This partnership is a significant step towards achieving Africa Data Centres' goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2030.

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