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Nuns-operated Hospital Transitions to Solar Power

Solar power has been implemented at Mercy Community Hospital in Iligan City, which is run by the Catholic community Sisters of Mercy. This change was made in an effort to lower the hospital's overall energy consumption as well as its overall carbon footprint. Greenergy Solar PH successfully completed the commissioning of the 201-kilowatt on-grid solar energy system at the Level 2 hospital on April 26. It is anticipated that this system will cut the hospital's energy bills by up to 45 percent. The savings will be used to bolster the hospital's operating income and improve the quality of care offered to patients who are financially disadvantaged. The administrator of the hospital, Sr. Julpha Meron, mentioned that using solar energy is an efficient and inexpensive approach to protect the environment and make the world a better place for future generations to live.

Engineer Cerael D. Donggay, founder and chief executive officer of Greenergy, believes that the transition to renewable energy that the hospital has made is a significant step forward in the ongoing efforts to protect the local environment. Donggay is of the opinion that solar power should be used to meet the country's energy requirements because temperatures in the Philippines are expected to continue to rise as a result of the use of fossil fuels. Donggay also mentioned that preventing carbon dioxide emissions is essential in order to lessen the effects of climate change, which is having an effect on every living thing on the earth.

In addition to having a lifespan of 25 years, the solar panels that were placed at Mercy Community Hospital come with a warranty from Greenergy of 15 years for the panels themselves and a warranty of 10 years for the premium inverters. This investment in renewable sources of energy will not only be beneficial to the bottom line of the hospital, but it will also contribute to the creation of an atmosphere that is healthy for everyone.

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