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Renewable energy design firm committed to delivering effective solutions and ensuring a smooth process from the initial concept to final installation.

Nurturing our

Engineering Solutions

Expertise in energy system design for commercial, industrial, and multi-family properties.

Commercial & Industrial


Full Customer Service Experience

Custom energy solutions with a focus on exceptional customer service and strong client relationships for any residential, commercial, or industrial project.

Solar Photovoltaic

Expert design of optimal solar systems for unique energy requirements, including budget estimates, construction coordination, and permit-ready plans.

EV Charging Design

We offer professional EV Charging Design services to ensure the convenient and efficient charging of electric vehicles.

Energy Storage

Customized battery storage design for unique energy needs and backup goals, including scoping, load mapping, engineering design, and utility interconnection and SGIP support.

battery-charge 3.png


Advanced microgrid design for reliable power, optimal solar/battery coordination, and flexible energy solutions for your facility.

​Empowering a
sustainable future.

At Q Meccanica, we believe that our employees are our greatest asset. We are committed to investing in their development and well-being, as we recognize that a happy and motivated workforce is crucial to the success of our business. In addition to providing ongoing training and support, we also prioritize creating a positive and inclusive work culture.


We understand that a positive work environment not only benefits our employees, but it also translates into better customer service and higher-quality work. As a renewable energy engineering firm, we also believe in the importance of being good stewards of the environment. We strive to minimize our environmental impact through sustainable practices in the workplace and in the projects we undertake for our clients.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Unleash your renewable energy potential with Q Meccanica. Contact us now for a quote and speak with our experienced team. We offer a range of services and are committed to helping you succeed. Don't wait – get in touch today.

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